5 Cozy Arrangements in Small Rooms

After a long day of work and childcare, your bed is the most inviting thing you'll ever see. But if you have a small bedroom, it can feel like you're retreating into an unappealing cave. So how can you make it your retreat and maintain a pleasant view despite its size?


There are many ways to make your room feel larger without knocking down a wall or changing your apartment's design. All you have to do is be creative and open to new ideas.


5 Creative Ideas

  1. Furniture Size

The size of your furniture can greatly influence how comfortable your room is. The size of your bed is not necessarily related to the size of your room.


If you opt for smaller furniture, like dressers or nightstands, you can keep the bed you want in your room. Try using smaller and multifunctional furniture. For example, try a dresser that you can store clothes in, but is large enough to accommodate items you might find on a nightstand. In this way, you can make one or both nightstands redundant, freeing up space.


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  1. Get Rid Of Unused Furniture

If you clear your small space of unused furniture, your room will begin to feel more comfortable and you can make your bed bigger if you want. The chair in the corner that only serves as a coat rack is a great example of unused furniture that you can get rid of.


By getting rid of unused furniture, you can allow the remaining furniture to fill the space and make your room more inviting.


  1. Utilize Natural Light

Speaking of windows, one of the best things you can do in your small bedroom is to let natural light in and do its job. Windows in a confined space are of great importance, as natural light helps to make the room comfortable, not cave-like.


Windows can be a great feature, especially when used strategically with the placement of furniture that draws the eye away from the size to the comfortable and soothing features.


Depending on the style, they can be highlighted or covered with curtains or other window decorations, or you can keep things very simple and leave your windows au naturel to let in plenty of light.


  1. Draw Attention To The Bed

A great way to make your small room feel bigger is to draw attention to your bed. A simple and inexpensive way to do this is to choose bedding that is inviting and fits in with the room.


Stylish pillows or a blanket can help decorate and are practical ways to draw attention. For additional decoration, you can also place a serving tray with small accessories such as a book, coffee mug, or candle.


If decoration and accessories are not your cups of tea, you can choose a unique bed frame instead. Many websites offer unique frames for all mattress sizes. With a unique frame, you get a little more bang for your buck.


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  1. Use Rugs

Choosing the right rug is very important. Rugs are a great way to brighten up and give meaning to certain areas of a room. If you can set up a small sitting area, a rug is a great way to give it its place in the room. It can also enhance your bed by placing it slightly under the end of your bed and extending into the open space of the room. This makes the room feel more inviting and gives a homey feel.


Rugs are also a great way to spruce up a room without making a long-term commitment. They can bring original or unusual textures and colors to a room but are not as durable as painting a wall. They can be replaced or transformed when your style and needs change, so they are an effective addition to your room.


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