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4 Gear Pressurized Shower

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💦 Low water pressure in the shower? Try our high-pressure shower head. You will love bathing. 💦

Small and Exquisite Appearance: There are six different colors to choose from. Bring color into your bathroom. Let your favorite shower last while bathing and enjoy every bath moment.

Powerful pressure build-up: There are 4 gears, and you can adjust the water pressure. And has a one-key water-stop function.

Simple and Convenient: Easy to install and use, you need to install it in your bathroom according to the instructions and you can use it immediately.

Material: ABS
Color: Gray, Pink, Yellow, Grey, Black.
Product size:10*28cm
Product weight:210g
Package includes: Premium pressure shower*1PCS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing shower head

Omg this was a awesome purchase! My water pressure went up 1000% all of the different settings feel amazing especially the MIST like setting! Fits perfectly, and the back of it shoots out water in two different setting to clean the tub !! WOULD RECOMMEND!

Great !

This was originally bought as a gift for our teenage son. But after setting it up for him which was quite easy, we are going to be buying a second one for our bathroom. It works very well. All the settings are smooth and easy to use. Also, the extra sprayer on top is great for cleaning out the tub. I’m very glad we purchased it.

Good Quality, Great Pressure, Awesome Settings.

I have been going through a few of these. The last one was a free cheapo and only had a couple of months and it started leaking. The other was from a well known warehouse store and it leaked and was more than this one. This one has great pressure and one very cool setting the has little jets of water like a focused high pressure rainstorm. Very invigorating. Very good pressure, but I am on well so I can adjust my own pressure coming into the house. Nice weight and feel. I am buying my son and mother one as well. Just awesome.


My sister told me about this shower head. She said it was awesome for low pressure water. So I bought it the other day and I installed it by myself with no problems at all. Very easy. But the best part is that the water pressure is amazing now and I just cleaned my bathtub and the power washer tool on the back side of the shower head is so cool!! The value for this product is awesome! I love this thing and would and will recommend it to anyone!

kevin w.
Nicest one I’ve used

We bought this a few weeks ago and it’s been so nice we decided to put one in the other bathroom as well. It has great flow, it’s easy to adjust to the different settings and the high pressure nozzle on top is a nice addition. Helpful when cleaning the shower walls. Great value!