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Car Cup Holder

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Provide extra storage to hold & classify various items such as phones, tablets, cups, and bottles… with a double-layer design. Elastic open-close cup mouth, The cup holder is suitable for most kinds of cups, thick, thin, and long


The upper part of our product has the function of stretching and shrinking, which can accommodate the stacking of larger objects and can be rotated 360 degrees, and the overall structure of the lower part is relatively stable!


Made of strong ABS & eco-friendly. Can hold up to 22 lbs without the risk of cracking.

The adapter can be adjusted to fit the cup body with a diameter of 3.0″-5.9″ And fits most 20 oz water bottles.


If there is a gap between the mounting position and the base of the holder, the cushioning foam pad should be used to fill it, which can not only reduce vibration but also stabilize the holder.

Shipping Policy

3-7 working days for most countries and districts (24 hours to process the order and additional 3-7 working days for shipping).

For remote districts it may take longer time.During peak seasons(like Mother’s Day, Christmas) shipping might need additional 1-2 working days to ship

Warranty & Note

We will examine all the products before shipping them to your location, so we are 99% sure that everything is perfect and no missing parts.

However, we hope that you can understand the product might travel a long time then arrive in your hand, so it might be damaged during this traveling.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gayle Carney

Love the convenience of this device. One cup for cigs and lighter, one for ashtray, and one for giant beverage. Long trip? No problem!

DeAnne Hampton?

Very sturdy and is stays nice and tight in car cup holder to keep my oversize hydro flask always with me in car without falling over

Rit Walker

I had a hard time finding a a cup holder that would not just fit but that would actually say conveniently in a BMW X5 cupholder. In most BMW SUVs the cupholders sick right in front of the console, so it makes it difficult to find something that you can actually use and still reach all of the buttons. My wife has a very tall thermos that she carries every day and this worked perfectly. We can rotate it so that it is offset and she can carry her thermos, still access all of the buttons on the dash and not lose a cup holder. It is very sturdy and I would definitely recommend this to anyone!


I just love this cup holder upgrade and I actually didnt realize how much I needed it.Pros:I have it in my keep and it just my food and drinks closer to me. It brings up to a great height and its much easier to reach everything when needed. Ive tried fries. And drinks and they both feel a lot closer to reach.The installation was there is no installation cause it just sits in place with a stand that easily adjustable so really there is absolutely no worries there. Its easy to install and adjust to your car regardless of what you drive. Ive had it in my cars and they all fit (different brands, no issues )The design and sturdiness are on point ! This looks like a custom made cup holder that was actually design for your specific vehicle and its great to see that.Cons: NONE !I just love it !


We have those half gallon water bottles. Make sure to tighten at the bottom by rotating. So far so good!