Octopus shape heater

Octopus shape heater

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Silent Heating: The heater adopts a 500W low power consumption design and the internal heater adopts PTC ceramic heating element. With the functions of two seconds heat, low working temperature, and self-controlled constant temperature, the heater provides you with quiet and comfortable warmth in the cold room.
Five safety-protection Functions: Flame retardant protection, mechanical main switch, 360°dump protection, overheat protection, and fuse power failure protection. These five safety protections ensure safe operation and safer use.
Exquisite Details: High-density protective iron mesh outlet can avoid the burn caused by touching the heating tube. Cute and stable foot pad; back air inlet; air-accessible; increased air volume; a large area of cold air; quick heating.
Simple Using: This heater has a total of 3 switch buttons. After pressing the shaker switch, the heater can achieve a wider range of heating air. After pressing the heating switch, the heater enters the heating and air supply state, and there is a power main switch button.
Applicable Scenes: The octopus-shaped heater is compact and can be placed on the desktop. It can be placed in your bedroom, study, office, and many more as simple decorations.

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