Warm Desk Pad

Warm Desk Pad

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Product Material: Warm desk pad made with high-quality PVC Materials and rubber back, edge stitched, waterproof, pad size: 24*14 inch/31*13 inch.
Comply with U.S. safety certification: Warm desk pad meets FCC UL Certified, features 3 gear order heat settings, 55 Celsius high, 45 Celsius middle, and 35 Celsius low settings, to warm your winter.
FUNCTION: Multi-functional, as a desk pad, can be used as a mouse pad, and also a foot warmer pad.
ATTENTION: making your body warm in the winter, but some details have to pay attention: don't put anything easy to be litten or easy to be damaged by hot temperatures such as laptop, battery and so on. or some other device which will be affected on the function(contained some keyboard), or other things which can not accept high temperature for a long time.

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