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Automatic Soap Dispenser

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💦【Large Capacity】: The super-large bottle has a very large capacity, which can avoid frequent addition of liquid. The large power of 400ML can be used for up to one season once filled, and the liquid can be dispensed up to 9000 times.
🌺【Strong Current】: The fuselage has its own battery, which has better sealing performance, no need to replace the battery, and avoids the battery from being wetted by water or rusted from damaging the soap dispenser. The charging time is only 1.5h, it can be used continuously for 90 days, and the standby state can be maintained for more than 108 days.
💓【Stability of produced liquid】: High-efficiency motor, the liquid discharge is very stable, the liquid can be discharged quickly within 0.25s, and there will be no blockage. Please use foam soap as much as possible to prevent clogging. If there is only a gel replenishment solution, please pay attention to shaking the gel and water at a ratio of 1:8 and pour it.
🍃【Three Gears Foam Adjustable】: The automatic foam soap dispenser has three different gears, according to the diverse needs of adults and children to use soap, you can adjust the gears according to your own needs to avoid waste. Please note that if you pick up the foam, please wait for the foam to be finished once before pulling out your hand, so as to avoid the soap dispenser having too much foam jammed in the touch tube for a long time and causing damage to the soap dispenser.
🎉【Add Aromatherapy to Improve the Air】The desktop soap dispenser can add aromatherapy tablets to the top cover to bring lasting fresh air to the bathroom, and the self-purchased aromatherapy liquid can be continuously dripped in the future.

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Customer Reviews

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Jackie B
Best dispenser ive tried

Started with a (much more expensive) Simple Human soap dispenser and hated it (motion detection was too intense, constantly died etc). This one is great in every way - value, motion detection, the foaming of the soap, etc. Had guests use it and comment on the fancy soap dispenser ha. Highly recommend!

Anna R
This dispenser is amazing! Battery life is great. It's worth the money. ??

This dispenser is amazing! Battery life is great. It's worth the money. ??

Looks great works well

Great product so far. Ive ordered 2 and a friend has also ordered and likes! Helps prevent a soap mess with kids and looks good too!

Judy Tudor
The best Ive tried!

This is the best of several automatic soap dispensers Ive purchased. Its frustrating to get small amounts of suds from other productseven when the amount of foam dispensed is adjustable. This product is adjustable and the highest level is very generous. Im stocking up every room with one (bathroom/kitchen/laundry). Now I need something similar that will automatically dispense moisturizer.


first of all this looks so pretty and elegant in my bathroom. I bought Simple Human before and the price is like 2-3 times of this dispenser and it works the same. I've had this for 2 months already and so far so good. This uses a type c/android charger i forget and it's good. While simple human uses it's own charger. I had 2 of those and both stopped working. and those cost $60-$70each lasted less than 2 years each. I don't know if this would last 2 years but at least it's only $20+. If this lasts at least 2 years then it's way more worth it than the simple humans.