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Bohemia Style Cat Hammock

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  • This is a hand-made Macrame cat hanging basket, that also can be a beautiful and delicate wall hanging, or a storage platform.
  • The Angle of the bottom bed/platform is adjustable, so it can be hung on the wall or hung on the roof, or anywhere you want to, including the heating radiator, indoor or outdoor.
  • This boho swing is made from 100% brand new natural high-quality cotton rope, non-toxic and odorless, without any harm to you and your kitty.
  • The color of the mat is random.Bohemia Style Cat Hammock

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Customer Reviews

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The packaging is tight and does not damage the quality. It can be equipped with a hanging S hook to hang on my curtain rod. The length is a bit short. I connected a piece of hemp rope. Months, the size is just enough to use, and I have confirmed that my eyes are the lowest price in the whole network. Recommended purchase


The quality of the hanging is good, and the cats are very new at first. When they first enter the house, they will hear about it. If they like it, they will start playing. Friends also say it is good.

The quality is very good.

The knitted cat litter is very beautiful, the cat looks comfortable on it, and the quality is also very good. I like this very much!