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Cat House with Scratcher

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The combination of play and rest, a nest for two purposes
Not only your cat can sleep in it, but also comes with a scratching board. This cardboard cat scratcher house' corrugated texture helps groom their nails as they dig in and keeps your scratching board for the cat fresh at all times. Your furry friend meets this fun surface to scratch, which helps groom their claws.
We all know that cats have an irresistible love for cardboard boxes. Your cat will definitely love this cat house so much if you bought it for them.
PERFECT GIFT: Created with A Premium Pressed Cardboard, this cat house for indoor cats is dense and durable. A lovely pet house design with portable and durable features makes it a perfect gift for your cat's birthday, friends, and family.
Suitable for cats within 10KG, the size is 33 * 50 *40 cm. Suitable for most cats.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
My cat freaking loves it!

You can't really see my kitty in there in the picture, and I think that's part of the reason she likes it. She can lurk in the dark depths and jump out suddenly and make me scream like a girl. It took about 12 hours for her to go from ignoring/being wary of it to being in there often and scratching the scratch pad like it's going out of style. It is more sturdy than regular cardboard, is cute and easy to put together, and the scratch pad is holding up to the frequent and enthusiastic claw thrashings like a champ. My cat is already nuts, so I don't give her catnip, but it's nice that they add it in case you want to use it. Good product. Two thumbs up from me and several claws up from my cat!

Its a Yes!

Very easy to assemble. Durability is amazing. Lets not forget its CUTE!

Teresa Cobb
Watson and Sasha Fight Over Whose Turn It Is

This little cardboard house came today. It took about five minutes to assemble. My cats went crazy over it. When one leaves, the other quickly gets in. It's sturdy and super cute. Your cats will love it!

So cute!

Bought this for my daughters kitten and he loves it!! I definitely recommend this for any age cat!

,San Diego Betsy
Cat very happy inside

The beast scratches more inside the place than out now. She likes hanging out inside. Its nice that all the crumbs from the corrugated cardboard are contained within the little cottage.