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Cat Scratching Board with Ball

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[ Multifunctional Cat Scratcher Board] This cardboard can be used as a scratching pad or a lounge bed for your cats, providing a comfortable place for cats to play and sleep. The oval shape is well designed for multiple sleeping positions, comfortable for a cat to lie or curl up.
[ Inviting Rolling Ball] The 2 built-in cat toy balls jingle with a ringing sound inspiring your cat to chase and play with them. The wide ball track and adequate height between the upper and low cardboard allow cats to push the ball around freely without getting their claws stuck.
[Multiple Benefits] This interactive cat scratcher toy satisfies cats' scratching instinct, helping relieve stress by increasing exercise activities, definitely a cat haven to spend fun playtime. The pet rolling ball with a pleasant Jingle provides mental stimulation for cats.
[ Durable Cardboard] This sturdy cat board is made of recycled corrugated cardboard which is eco-friendly & high-density, withstanding aggressive scratching in daily life, thus extending its service life.
[ Furniture Protector ]: The funny cat scratcher is great for cats' endless playing, effectively promoting their healthy claws and protecting your floor, wall, door frame, sofa, carpet, and curtains.

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Customer Reviews

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Joseph P. Menta, Jr.
Cardboard cat scratchers have a long life

These Catify circular cardboard cat scratcher refills work great. Just pop them in the plastic base (sold separately) and let your cats go to town. Even with fairly heavy use by multiple cats (the situation in my house) each corrugated disc will hold up for several weeks. And thats several weeks on each side. When one side is looking a little shredded and worn, just pop it out, turn it over, pop it back in, and youre good to go for a few more weeks. So, your pack of five refills will last you quite a while.

Sometimes I sprinkle a little catnip on the disc to give my cats extra encouragement to use their scratcher (as opposed to things in the house they shouldnt scratch), but really, they use their scratcher discs pretty enthusiastically without the catnip, too. The first picture is the base without a scratcher disc in it and the second photo shows the base with a cardboard refill disc installed, after some light use. No complaints at all about the base and the available refills.

Worked great as a replacement for my cat toy

10 days in and he hasnt tore it up fits great works great he likes it Im happy ??

Just the refills

These are just the refills, good value, my boi loves the toy.

,AM Carrowan
Cat and Kid both love it

Looks great! Very neutral aesthetic, smooth base and heavier than I expected. Ive bought plastic track toys in the pst but this one feels much sturdier! Clawdia approves, but wishes the kid would let her play alone some too. ;)