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Circle Table Lamp

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🌕Circle-The table lamp is lightly combined with our patented magnetic levitating system. This system makes the metal ball float in the middle of the air. This floating small ball is the only switch of light that controls all the functions. By gently pressing the metal ball, you can turn the light on / off and trigger different preset mood light modes on Circle. We call this unique invention the Flyswitch.
🌕The circle magnetic levitation lamp provides 3 levels of brightness options, namely low, medium and high. Whether it is used for bedside tables, or for reading, work, room decoration, etc., as long as you press the switch, you can meet your different needs.
🌕Don't worry, the Levitation table lamp is made of shockproof durable tempered glass so it will not break if the metal ball falls to the base. If the switch falls down accidentally, it will stick to the base and never fall off so you will never lose the switch.
🌕Circle is designed to be simple but special. it is not only a lamp but also a decoration that adorns a desk, shelf, bedside table, nightstand, end or side table, and any other furniture with its stylish design. The elegant and simple design makes it a great decorative lighting solution for many decor styles including modern, urban, minimalist, and futuristic for home or office.
🌕You can think of it as a desk lamp, table lamp, night lamp, nightlight, etc., and put it in the office, hotel lobby, home, living room, study, bedroom, bar, Coffee shop, etc. It can also be used as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, etc. to family, lovers, friends, colleagues, etc.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Romeo lee
Great and creative product!

I would say amazing!

Mr. A
Its totally mesmerizing !

Its the perfect gift for a tech nerd! This halo magnetic art table piece is totally mesmerizing. So the light comes with a metal ball and a small moon. The light does 3 different settings. First part is the hardest but if you listen to the instructions, its easy to do. And that first step is balancing the metal ball or the moon ball on the center if the magnetic section of the platform. It did come with cork foam that if you place on top of the platform, it will help you balance the magnetic ball or moon to the platform. Once its on. Gently press down on the floating ball or moon to change through the lighting settings. First press turns on the bright white halo that surrounds the base of the platform. A second press down will turn on the RGB feature that cycles through all the colors of the rainbow on the halo. A third press only works with the floating moon, it turns off the halo light and the moon itself turns on and is super bright. This is a great table top piece for any tech nerd. A little pricey, but it keeps me entertained when sitting on my desk.

Orazio Donato
Cool magical lamp!

I am amazed at the suspended switch in the air and the amazing colors it produces. Not the greatest working desk lamp but definitely a conversation piece.

Korben Dallas
Awesome little lamp!

Love the look and quality of this lamp. The metal floating ball is extremely unique (love how the ball is used as the on and off switch).


Make way for the magic! Levitating anything used to be with Bahaman and Bailey Now its a little object floating inside a ring of light. Awesome! Love this lamp! I now believe. Technology has arrived. Many up to the task of Science Fiction. Only one issue, the on and off switch. And I keep knocking the aliments tipping the little ball off.
Other than that, the lamp I love, Amazon has many unique lamps available. The future is here.