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Diagon Alley

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Packed with clever design features and unexpected surprises, this Diagon Alley model building kit is the perfect set for adults looking for a mindful project.


Applicable to a variety of scenes, it is not only a book stand but also an indispensable decorative ornament in your home, practical and beautiful


Ideal for home décor fans and Harry Potter lovers alike, this building kit gives hours of enjoyment and a creative experience that will appeal to adults


This Harry Potter Diagon Alley book stand measures over 100mm (3.93 inches) wide * 190mm (7.48 inches) deep * 260mm (10.2 inches) high. Little details make all the difference


Adult DIY fans will love the novel pieces in this set, including Paint + pen set, paint disc, sanding stick, remote control, battery, terminal wire, string light, charger, wall light, pet film, copper rod

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Captain 0bvious
Detailed, quality product.

Very detailed kit the instructions are lacking but the comments here cover the missing details. It takes a couple of weeks to finish it but I love it and so do my friends and family. Good luck!

Great base kit

This was a lot of fun. I bought paint to paint it all and made a few additions, but the kit had all the parts to build most of it. I haven't finished the outside or put the roof on the top yet.

Jack Silva
A special gift

Made this Diagon Alley for a friend's family member. It was all fairly easy except the lighting. It was probably just my lack of understanding. I ended up using strip lighting I found at hobby lobby. Worked out great. Also covered the outside with fake leather I found at hobby lobby. Loved how it turned out!

Bethany Kelly
Wonderful and challenging kit.

Very detailed kitg. It takes a couple of months to finish it but I love it and so do my friends and family. Good luck!

David S. Durgin
Fantastic product....but it takes a long time to complete!

My grandson's birthday (his 11th) was fast approaching, and he asked if I could build him a book nook of Diagon Alley. I had not read the books, and didn't know what a book nook was, or Diagon Alley. I looked for a kit, and came across this great kit. Fortunately his birthday was about 2 months out, because it took me almost the entire time to finish this project! Granted, it was a few hours here and there, but I lost count of the hours. The kit was wonderfully crafted, each piece laser-cut into sheets of plywood. I only needed very little sanding with fine sandpaper to get the pieces ready for gluing and painting. I made a dumb mistake when testing the led lights. I used a 9-volt battery, and it blew out the streetlamp lights! I contacted the supplier, and said I'd be willing to pay whatever the amount for new lamps. They graciously said not to worry; they would ship out new ones at no cost to me. Talk about great customer service! The only downside I had with the kit, and it's a very small complaint, was that the street only used rectangular blocks of wood with a lot of space between them. I found some small pebbles and used them to make a cobblestone street. To give the book nook a little pop, I found on Etsy, for $10, a file that had many signs that you could print out in reduced sizes which you could then cut out and glue to the signs above the street. My grandson was ecstatic, and at night the book nook looks incredible! I would highly recommend the product, and the company that makes these great book nooks!