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Dog Car Seat Bed

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Driving with a dog is the happiest thing in the world. But does your dog get upset in the car? Presenthem Car Dog Bed Gives Dogs a First-Class Experience. No matter how steep the mountain road is, the triple protection of the first-class cabin can make your dog sleep peacefully in the seat.

Adjustable safety leashes & fixing seat belts
Built-in safety buckle to combine with a dog collar
Safety pillows on the front and back
Use both at home & in the car
2 ways to carry
Double sides cushion
Removable & Machine washable cover
Anti-slip bottom

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Birgitt Van Beeumen
Best purchase ever!

My little Victor loves it! He is safe because he is strapped but not strapped to much, he has room enough to lay down how he wants. ?? When we arrive somewhere and he is still asleep, I take out the bed, he will keep sleeping ??

Mia Reynolds
Pawsitively awesome

Pawsitively awesome
Perfect car seat and carrier for my little guy.

Mar McN

Exactly as advertised. Cute, comfy and my puppy cozied up in it as soon as it arrived. Great purchase!


My little one is finally calm in the car!

Meghan Jones

I have a 10 lb, 7 month Cavapoo puppy, and he has ALWAYS absolutely HATED the car to the point where he threw up every single time we were in the car, and he would NEVER stop whining. I tried SO many different ways to transport him in the car and nothing worked. BUT HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THIS (as you can see!!).

(I started by getting him comfortable with it in the house (like a dog bed) and saying "car time!" every time he was in it and gave him a treat).

Since buying this, he has yet to throw up in the car, he lays down, and often feels comfortable enough to sleep! This is seriously the best purchase I've ever made. If your dog hates the car, this is definitely something worth trying!