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Dual Ceramics Pet Bowls

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This dual bowls feeder is designed for Pets, with different colors for cats and dogs, with 2 colors for you to choose from.
Handmade ceramic pet bowl, a decoration to blend seamlessly into your living space with its exquisite patterns and perfect curvature.
The right height allows the cat to eat in a better position, makes sit and eat quite comfortably, helps swallow more easily, alleviates the cat's neck burden, and lowers the pressure off joints, further promoting the health of the cat's digestive system.

Dual Ceramics Pet Bowls

Non-slip bottom and steady structure make sure that the bowl will not be overturned by your pet. The baffle prevents food from splashing on the floor when eating.
Dual bowls are suitable for wet food, dry food, and water. Thoughtful gifts for your families, best friends, colleagues, and any cat lovers.

Dual Ceramics Pet Bowls

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Customer Reviews

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Kristen H.

I didn't really think much about my cat's neck until it was recommended that I look into a set of raised bowls. The sleek design of this set made it a very easy choice. It's just the right height for my cat to not have to bend down and strain her neck. I think she's really enjoying it so far.

Fernanda F
exactly what I looking for

The product is exactly as you see in the ad. Its clean, sleek and looks simple. The package arrived with all the parts neatly and safely packed in, without any damage. There are no instructions attached but the assembly is fairly straight forward.

Julie S
so good

These work perfectly for our dog. He doesnt like metal bowls, so the ceramic is great - plus easy to clean. While hes not a super aggressive eater, we still needed something sturdy enough that he wouldnt knock them over. The closeness of the bowls doesnt bother me at all. Bonus point for how nice they look too!


I purchased this as a feeder for my three foster kittens. When I first took it out of the box I thought it looked too big for them but it is just fine and helps to keep the food in the bowls while they're eating. I like how convenient it is to carry the bowls in the stand to wash and that the top of the stand is sealed. It's a nice-looking feeder that works for kittens/cats and puppies.

Barbra J Baker
love this

Love these stylish bowls for my 3 cats. I use one for water and I have much less spilled cat food than their previous bowls. The angle and height allow them to eat easily. Size of the bowl is big enough that I don't have to fill them all the time. The cats started using them within minutes of setting them up.