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Foldable Foot Warmer

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Personal Space Heater: The foldable stand-up warming mat is small and compact, and silent, so it is easy to use anywhere! It’s flat, slim, and lightweight with a handle so you can use it at work, in your dorm or studio, in your house, or even in a tent.
Electric Foot Warmer: Our foot warmer (under the desk) is child and pet-friendly and electric, using flameless, radiant heating. It’s great for indoor use and will keep you always wrapped and cozy in a warm climate, with 8 levels of heat up to 160°F.
Heater With Timer and Auto Shut Off: The foldable, heated standing foot warmer comes with an easy-to-use controller with a thermostat to control the temperature at 8 levels.
Safe Energy Efficient Heater: The thermostatically controlled heater is fanless, and is low power. It has an automatic shutoff after up to 9 hours and has a tip-over auto turn-off. It’s safe to use around children and animals, or in a nursery.
Universal Use: The heater is great to use in winter for pets. Use it in the barn to keep your chickens, rabbit, and other animals warm, or inside for your dog, cat, or birds. The high-efficiency products won’t overheat or harm pets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
,Kimberley Anchell
Extraordinarily effective - perfect size

This is life-changing. I was always cold at work. But not now!! This delivers warming ambiant heat with digital temp selection and timer (so I'll never forget to turn it off). Quiet and stealthy. Most don't even realize I have it under the desk. It's also extremely portable and folds flat to the size of a small portfolio. Highly recommend.

Angie Galvan
Under desk warmth without the burn!

I bought this to keep at my office. I wanted something inconspicuous and wanted to keep my legs warm without the risk of burning myself or my beautiful office furniture. Color me impressed! I can touch it and it keeps me warm but definitely not hot and it has a timer so I don't forget to turn it off before I leave the office.
Thank you for making this product!!!

Comfortable warmth

Like this ease of use and helps my legs feel good with poor circulation.

Laura Zipp

Quiet, warm and easy to use.

Warms Me Up

Quietly heats the cold space under my desk. There is a very low level hum, barely noticeable. My dog enjoys lying next to it too.