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Garage Wall Protector 02S

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"Shield your walls, protect your door"

  • Great Protection & Impact Absorption – Each strip size is 16" x 6" x 7/9" (40*15*2cm). The 7/9" thick foam can perfectly absorb any impact up to 330lb or 150kg, preventing damage from any potential impacts when parking in the garage.
  • Top Grade & Eco-Friendly Material - The protectors with scratch prevention diamond texture on the waterproof surface are made of odorless and high-density EVA material, which has RoHS authentication. It is totally environment-friendly material. Let us go, Green!!
  • Cuttable & Flexible – Each strip can be cut into multi pieces or different shapes. Perfect flexibility and softness provided by its just right thickness allow the wall protectors to be applied on 90-degree walls, curved surfaces, or cylinder columns.
  • Fiberglass Mesh Adhesive Structure – The adhesive force is reinforced by its unique integrated back adhesive structure. The interlaced fiberglass allows the wall protectors to be removed without tearing the soft protector or leaving marks on the wall. The non-tearing self-adhesive cover can be peeled off easily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Don Anderson
Works Fine!

Worked in my garage as expected.

Great solution to protect car doors and garage walls

The foam is thick enough and sturdy, and the size and color are perfect (not noticeable in white sheetrock). The adhesive is strong. I recommend peeling off the protective cover and using a level at the top. Then, carefully place and level the upper border, then continue pushing the rest to the wall.

Brian Z
Great for protecting car doors from hitting lally columns in garage

Very happy with the sturdiness of this product and how thick the foam is. My car doors hit our garage lally columns and this product prevents and damage to my car door or columns. The white really blends in well with my garage.

Allyson C.
Perfect solution to save the doors to my new car!

This product was easy to install and has a good stick - I'm not worried about it falling off the wall of the garage.

Exactly what I was wanting

I think its exactly what I was looking for. Adhesion seems to be really solid against the sheetrock, and the foam itself is thick and dense enough to absorb a little bit of a knock. Sure, its soft enough that a bad hit with a sharp edge could mar it, but I'd rather it be soft touch to take the damage instead of my car door. It's just the right kind of foam for this application.