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GWP03S Garage Wall Protector Car Door Protectors

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"Shield your walls, protect your door"
Excellent Multilayer Protection – Each strip size is 400mm x 150mm x 23mm. The 23mm nitrile rubber plus 3mm High-End sponge padding provides perfect impact absorption up to 441lb or 200kg, preventing damage from any potential impacts when parking in the garage.
Unique Nitrile Rubber Material – Unique nitrile rubber provides excellent impact absorption and soft touch on the surface. Nitrile rubber is odorless and environmentally friendly material commonly used in the medical industry.
Cuttable & Flexible – Each strip can be cut into multi pieces or different shapes. Perfect flexibility and softness provided by its just right thickness allow the wall protectors to be applied on 90-degree walls, curved surfaces, or cylinder columns.

Fiberglass Mesh Adhesive Structure – The adhesive force is reinforced by its unique integrated back adhesive structure. The interlaced fiberglass allows the wall protectors to be removed without tearing the soft protector or leaving marks on the wall. The non-tearing self-adhesive cover can be peeled off easily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Peace of mind

I packed my car inside of garage and park close to the wall one of side. When I open I can get out or get in but I dont want to anything happen. Buy this thing is help my car door bump. Its better than nothing. It does product my door. Just peel it & put on it. Easy to install and peace of mind. Im glad I got them!

Simple and does the job

Simple and it works. I've got a classic car and my parking spot is against a wall. I always park near the wall so I don't get dings next to me, but meant opening my door was tricky. Put it on in 2 seconds and I no longer have to worry about scuffing my door. Awesome.

Great for many uses

Used as a cushion on my basement beam so my kids can play with their new gymnastics rings without hitting their head on the hard metal. Worked perfectly! Beam is about 5.5 inches wide and the foam was 6 inches, so almost a perfect fit.

Saved me hundreds of dollars!

These pads work well. I used them on the poles in my parking spot at the apartments I live at because the spaces are so tight that you have to get as close to the poles as possible. This is in CA where every fricken bay is compact size now because these retards think we all drive a Prius! Anyway...thank goodness I installed them because the other day I thought I could get closer and ended up putting my front fender onto the pole. I didn't hear anything except feel the steering get stiffer so I knew I was touching. I checked and sure enough I was flush with the pole! I backed up and there wasn't a scratch on my new RAV4 (thank goodness) and the pads barely had a mark. Repairs would have cost me a new fender!

If you need to park close to a pole or wall like me buy these and save the anger of the day you do clip it with your car!

Following adhesion strength

It is early to say since I need more time to follow the adhesion strength.
Till now it does the job and I am pretty pleased.