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GWP04 Garage Wall Protector Car Door Protectors

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"Shield your walls, protect your door"

Great Protection & Impact Absorption – Each strip size is 11.8" x 3.9" x 1.2". The 1.2" thick foam can perfectly absorb any impact up to 330lb or 150kg, preventing damage from any potential impacts when parking in the garage.
Top Grade & Eco-Friendly Material - The protectors with scratch prevention diamond texture on the waterproof surface are made of odorless and high-density material, which has RoHS authentication. It is totally environment-friendly material. Let us go, Green!!
Cuttable & Flexible – Each strip can be cut into multi pieces or different shapes. Perfect flexibility and softness provided by its just right thickness allow the wall protectors to be applied on a 90-degree wall, curved surfaces,s or cylinder columns.
Fiberglass Mesh Adhesive Structure – The adhesive force is reinforced by its unique integrated back adhesive structure. The interlaced fiberglass allows the wall protectors to be removed without tearing the soft protector or leaving marks on the wall. The non-tearing self-adhesive cover can be peeled off easily.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice size - used one for each of four doors

White worked for me - blended in with the walls. Nice thickness, easy to stick on the wall, but do not try to remove -- used painter's tape just to get them in position before removing the backing the apply. Don't know how long they will stick to the wall (concrete) but they seem to stick well.

Effective for protecting doors!

Our vehicle is parked very close to a concrete wall on one side, so if you aren't careful you could easily open the door into the concrete and damage the door. I purchased two packs of these to protect both the front and rear doors of my vehicle and I don't need to worry at all.

To install, make sure the wall is absolutely clean. Because this garage is indoors, the wall surface is painted. I'm not sure how well these would stick to unpainted and/or rough concrete, especially if outdoors and exposed to rain/elements, but they adhere to paint just fine.

To set your installation height, open the door and Identify the first point of the door that would impact the wall if opened. The height of that point off the ground is the centerline for installing the foam pads. I installed about 6 feet of foam pad to protect both the front and rear doors as well as account for any variability in exact parking location.

If I had to install these on rough concrete, I would mark the location of the pads, mask them with tape, then use some epoxy floor paint to paint the area behind where the pads will install. This will give the adhesive a smooth surface to stick to. Please note, you need to apply very very firm pressure to these pads to ensure they stick to the surface.

Overall, the density of the foam protects my doors and can withstand the force from somebody opening the door in a reasonable manner.

5.0 out of 5 stars I hope when I have to remove they can be removed easily.

Easy to use

Donn Dobkin
Exactly as promised

Exactly as promised

Todd S.
Doing what they should

Work really good so far