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GWP05 Garage Wall Protector

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"Shield your walls, protect your door"

✔️Yellow & Black Reflective Paper Design: Eye-catching yellow and black warning bars can improve visibility during the day. Built-in reflective materials can help attract drivers' attention and improve driver and passenger safety in low-light conditions or at night.

✔️Protect the car from scratches: The garage wall protective layer is made of high-quality EVA foam. The thickness of the foam protective layer can effectively absorb shock to protect the car door and garage wall from scratches and bumps and protect the corners. Avoid accidental damage.

✔️Easy installation: the garage door edge protector is self-adhesive. Just peel off the paper lining and stick the bumper directly on the wall to a certain height to align with the door or bumper. (Before pasting, remove dust, oil, or water from the surface and keep it flat.)

✔️Wide Application: which can perfectly adapt to the pillars or walls at an angle of 90 degrees or more. Suitable for garage pillar or garage wall. It is an ideal choice for small and large commercial garages, indoor and outdoor parking lots, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and stadiums.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice ????,

Easy to use and install.

Good wall protector for tight garage space parking

Cheap sticks well
Easy to see in mirror
Super fast and easy to install
Price is good
Good reflective color

No more door ding worries!

My parking garage has extremely tight parking spaces and unfortunately placed pillars, so I have been consistently worried about a passager accidentally bumping the door. This completely solved the problem! They are incredibly sticky, and adhered to an admittedly very dirty pillar extremely easily, and it does not want to come off at all. The foam is dense enough to easily cushion even a very aggressively thrown open door, which was exactly what I needed! I would highly recommend this product, especially at this price.

Rich Braedt
Powerful adhesion

These pads are made of a pretty dense and flexible foam that works great as a door protector. The yellow and black sticker on the one I ordered has some wrinkles which I really dont mind.