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Horizon multifunction Bedside table Lamp

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Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker with Bass- Horizon bedside lamp has vocal optimized speakers with dual waveguide technology and a passive bass radiator. Crystal clear full-range sound wafting and lingering will be delivered to your room by Bluetooth 5.0.

Support True Wireless Stereo - A dual-channel can be formed by two Horizon lamps via True Wireless Stereo technology. An immersive music experience lets you enter a music world beyond your imagination.

10W Fast Wireless Charger - 10W charging mode is compatible with Note 10/10 Plus/S10/S10 Plus/S10E/Note9/S9/S8 and so on; 7.5W charging mode is for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8 plus with latest iOS System; 5W charging mode works on AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Any Qi-enabled devices.

Made for Light Sleeper - The unique sleep mode allows the light and speaker to automatically switch off in 30 minutes. Stepless dimming, 2 light color temperatures, a digital clock, a wireless charger all these little details are designed to let you go to sleep more smoothly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Captain 0bvious
Best bedside lamp!

"I purchased this lamp for my wife as she always want to get a good lamp to replace the old cheap one. It basically comes with everything I could possibly want from a bedside lamp. Color temperature control, brightness control, wireless charging, BT speaker, sleep mode ... you name it. Everything works as expected. And I tested the wireless charging with my Galaxy S10, it shows ""Fast charging"", nicely done!

One thing you need to know before you use this lamp. Although it comes with type C port as power supply, it only works with original power adapter, regular type C adapter just won't provide enought power for this guy.

I just have one suggestion for manufacturer. On/Off button for the light can be made a little bigger, so that will make it easier to trun on the light in the midnight.

Overall, it's a very nice looking lamp, packed with a lot of functions. I would recommend it to you guys."

Captain 0bvious
Premium and techy

"Wow the packaging! It's packaged like opening something priceless. A sleeve covering the flap opening with a golden seal in the center. Once you remove the sleeve and open up the flaps, the user manual is presented to you at the first glance; surrounded by contrasting black foam. Very good quality foam protecting what's inside~ the lamp. Honestly such a premium unboxing experience. Someone in this company should take a proud moment, and well deserved.

The lamp is very well designed and made. Futuristic looking and yet very elegant at the same time. The combination of bamboo, metal, and plastic works very well on this lamp. The tree looking design is also very welcoming. I'd really give a big kudos for the look of this lamp.

As for functionality, it does well as what it's designed for. It integrates very well the lighting, speaker, clock, and phone charger. The use routine fits our habit very much. An hour or half hour before sleeping, wife and I would lie in bed and watch some random stuffs on phone, or play some music in the background. Either way, the bluetooth speaker is very welcomed feature. It connects and works flawlessly and easily. The sound quality is decent to good. Although a big enough speaker is integrated, you shouldn't expect Bose or some other high end speaker quality. The lighting can switch in between warm and bright, with different intensities to select. The touch panel is responsive and really cool looking. It has this delay feature to turn off automatically after a set time. Very nice touch. Very useful feature especially for my wife who would fall asleep while watching youtube... For me, what I love the most is the integrated charger. Simply toss my phone to the base of the lamp and my phone will for sure have full juice the next day. No more cables and whatnot on the nightstand. Very awesome!

One little inconvenience I wanna make suggestion. To turn the light on/off, one needs to press and hold on the touch panel for a few seconds. I found that's a little unintuitive. Especially when I'm falling asleep already, holding a few seconds might wake me back up again. For easiest fix, I would like to just double click to turn on/off. But there is this delay feature to cover that...I think I just need to get used to use that feature.

Now both wife and I love this I'm in danger of needing to buy one more...It's not cheap, but really nice ""all-in-one"" nightstand lamp. Recommended."