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Human Body Static Eliminator Discharger (4 Pack)

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Premium Material: This static remover is made of high-quality steel chrome + metal + Acrylic + copper conductor, secondary discharge function makes it remove the static faster.
Remove Daily Static Electricity: Remove Static Electricity in 2-3 seconds before touching the car handle, door, elevator, or other metal.
Convenient and Portable: This anti-static key chain can be hung on any car key, rear-view mirror, back bags, buckles, and anywhere you want.
Perfect Gift: This Anti-Static Key chain is a lifesaver for "electric" people who get static shocks all the time. Package includes 4 PCS Static Eliminator Key Chain.
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Customer Reviews

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,andy N.
Good for what they are. Reasonably Priced

??Only helps when you know a static shock is coming. You hold it and touch something metal and youll see a spark flash ??in the clear colored area. ??If you get shocked all the time - its good to have. ??Lost my first one- so much bought a four pack. ????



Awesome for dry weather

It's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you got it. I can attest to its effectiveness, I been staying in some pretty cold and dry environments (while wearing fleece and polyester no less!) and I haven't gotten shocked at all while using this thing.

There's one thing, if I'm very charged, I need to tap ground (car door, steel, etc) until I stop seeing sparks/hearing sparkles, as the charge won't go away entirely.

,Sara Y.
Amazing! Every housekeeper should have one!

I love this so much! It works great! I currently work at a hotel and I strip linen of beds all day leaving me to get shocked every time I touch a door handle to leave the room. Well not anymore! As you can see in the video the device discharges the electricity with the help of the built in capacitor, leaving you shock free!

Highly recommended

Works perfectly great