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Macrame Cat Hammock

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Macrame Cat Hammock! One such stylish piece of gift, Hand-woven just for your cat to hang out in the house also can be a beautiful macrame Boho wall art.
Presenthem macrame hanging cat bed with catnip filled is a seamless addition to any room’s décor! Thanks to its round shape bed, It is ideal for pets who love to curl up! This macrame lounger is leaving your cat in an island mindset.
Macrame cat swing made of handwoven heavy-duty cotton rope and 2cm-dia hard solid beech wood stick, Very safe and sturdy. Finished with braided "O" ring loops at top of the hammock for hanging, it's the perfect addition to your living room or patio.
Cat Macrame Hammock Size: 45" L x 18.5" W, Catnip bed : 19" dia .Color:Beige.Weight capacity: 40 lbs.
What You Get - We have included all the hanging kits and instructions you need to get started! The cushion was filled with catnip! Since you have all tools and hardware, it needs seconds to be completed, quite an easy assembly.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Kendrick
Beautiful macrame and nice bed

I macrame myself and could never buy all the supplies and spend the time it takes to recreate this and sell it for $40. It's a great deal and beautifully made. My cat loved the bed on the floor, but I have to find a good spot to hang it for her. It's not right where it is now. She's tried to photobomb every photo for Amazon I've ever taken except this one that I actually needed her in. I'll need to find a stud in the wall lower down, preferably near a window, but I know she'll love it then. She's a tiny cat and it fits her perfect but would be too little for bigger cats for sure. But it's a great piece that I would definitely buy again.

Melanie E.
Beautiful macram, such a cute idea, well made, durable, Much, MUCH too small, sadly.

I was really excited to get this. I have a Bengal mixed kitten who is all over the place and loves higher ground. He is Just 17 weeks old, around4 and a half months and he is HUGE for this, as an average sized cat. A full grown cat, unless a very specific small sized breed would NOT fit into this.
I do rescue for animals, I've seen a million different kinds of animals through my house. Sadly, this will not work. Such a fin, cute idea, but unless you have tiny kittens that are climbers, this is kind of useless.

I may keep it an hang a plant in it? *sigh* Make the sitting area/pillow bigger and this would be a hit!!

High quality cord and pillow

We have 2 adult cats and 3 foster kittens, who all bicker over who gets to sleep on our cat tree. So, I decided to try to find additional cat nap space (lol) and settled on this macrame swing bed.

We have 20' loft ceilings and I will have to find a way to extend the length of cord between the hook and eye of the hammock, so I have to hung it up yet. But the kittens are already investigating and clawing on the pillow, while still in the bag.

K.M. Kunz
No one likes it so far

I added a board to the bottom so the bed wouldn't collapse under cat weight, still no takers. I will still use this for decoration, maybe remove the bed and use it for a plant.
It's very pretty, well made, just doesn't work for my cat.

Lady Phoenix

It's definitely made for smaller cats to fit in it. (There's no way my 20+ lb Maine Coon mix will fit in it comfortably.) The hanger that was sent was made for concrete, so we had to run to the hardware store for a wood screw hook, which is rated for 60 lbs, so it's definitely going to be sturdy enough. The cats are currently still investigating it but haven't used it. It's really well made and the rope is made of quality material. I think once they get used to it, they'll love it. It looks beautiful once it's installed, and the cushion is soft and comfy feeling.