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Multifunction Timing Plank Trainer

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It effectively activates your core muscles.

Preferred Material
Provides more stable support and safe exercise, it also provides comfort for your arms, and makes you more "inclined" when doing plank exercises.
Safe and Secure
With angular mechanics triangle design, positive timing, and countdown design, you can plan your exercise time reasonably, monitor it in real time, and control the exercise time yourself
Comfort Grip
TPE soft grip, comfortable foam grip, easy to grip, comfortable training, patented design, and contoured cushion give you personalized support by relieving joint pressure.
The counting design uses a button battery, model LR1130.
Adjustable Angle
Contract your abdominal muscle through a full range of motion and keep your back from arching. Whole-body movement makes exercise more effective.
Material: ABS, EVA, Sponge
Product size: about 52*32*15cm/20.5*12.6*6in
Weight: about 0.65kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pica Pica

It is relatively light and easy to use, and the arm will not hurt when doing plank.

Isabella Cobb

This plank rack is of good quality and depends on it for weight loss!


I am a fitness instructor and have been buying this product for a week now. Analyzing this product objectively, the grip is comfortable, sturdy and textured, and the elbows are comfortable to put on. You need to mobilize the muscles of your hands and legs to interact with the movements, you may not be used to it at first, stick with it for a while, you will find that the body fat drops and the endurance of your body will improve to some extent. For the price, it's impeccable!


Feel good than the effect of unarmed exercise is obvious, more feeling, and quality materials are good. Exercise at home, enhance physical fitness and resistance to disease.


The quality is very good, the material is soft. The elbow place is very comfortable, in addition there is a timer, a few minutes of exercise every day is good for the body, cost-effective . I bought before the workmanship is very poor, the elbow is not comfortable to put, but this I am too satisfied.