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Stress Relief Paw Bed

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The Stress Relief Paw Bed is a highly-rated calming bed for pets designed to alleviate stress and anxiety, especially for pets that suffer from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can lead to destructive tendencies, behavioral problems, affected appetite, and a reduced lifespan. The Stress Relief Paw Bed provides a more comfortable and calming sleep environment, contributing to better resting and a happier, healthier, and calmer pet.

The Internets Top Rated Calming Paw Bed of 2023

1 in 4 pets suffer from separation anxiety, being left alone causes a build-up of stress which ultimately can lead to destructive tendencies and behavioral problems, affected appetite, and a reduced life span.

The Solution? Our Stress Relief Cozy Paw Bed!

94% of customers reported that their furry friends experienced reduced stress & anxiety whilst 39% followed up with an email expressing how their pet 'loves' it!

Sleep is vital for your dog's health. Dogs sleep throughout the day but only spend around 10% of their rest in a deep sleep. Better support their daily sleep schedule with a more comfortable and calming sleep environment, contributing to better resting and a happier, healthier, and calmer pet.

Product Size

The diameter of the Stress Relief Paw Bed is 65/80/90cm, suitable for dogs under 35/50/60 pounds

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3-7 working days for most countries and districts (24 hours to process the order and additional 3-7 working days for shipping).

For remote districts it may take longer time.During peak seasons(like Mother’s Day, Christmas) shipping might need additional 1-2 working days to ship

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Amy Ekstadt

Stress Relief Paw Bed

Tracey Robbie
Best bed ever!

I recently purchased the calming bed and its fab. My cats and dogs all lie in it. My daughters dog stayed overnight with me and normally she paces looking for her mummy but last night lay in the calming bed all evening! Wish i could post a photo of her in this review! So many of my friends have purchased from i posted a pic on fb showing my happy, settled dogs & cats

Cosy and Comforting dog bed - Perfect
Karen Holden

Cant recommend it enough, soft very comforting to my slightly highly strung poodle. My other ones are with my family members for dog visits but this one far exceeds the quality of my other two ?? five star

Sally Lowe
Great quality

My dog ?? loves it He snuggles up every night!

Jean Kelly
My dog loves this bed!

This bed is the best I've ever bought. My dog loved it straightaway, it's so soft and comfy and almost wraps itself around her. It washes beautifully and doesn't go flat like some beds do, I just give it a shake and it fluffs up beautifully. I would highly recommended this product.