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The Dirty Dunk

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Layup your laundry and sink your sweaty socks into The Dirty Dunk. Leaving unclean clothes all over your floor is a foul, so clean up the paint with a couple of jumpers into this basketball laundry bag.


Transform your bedroom from pigsty to arena with a single hoop: the Dirty Dunk! The rim and backboard fit over your door and give you a place to literally toss your laundry, turning the chore of clean-up into the joy of a game. Shoot hoops into your hamper with the Dirty Dunk for good, clean fun.


Over-the-door laundry hamper styled after a basketball hoop.

Fully playable

Transforms the drudgery of cleaning up dirty clothes into a game

Use your perfect shooting skill to shoot the clothes into the laundry bag.

Fits on any door with its easy hanging design

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Customer Reviews

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Don't accept inferior versions

I'm so glad I made the choice to spend a little more money for this version of a basketball net laundry hamper. This could not have been easier to assemble or install. It was ready in no more than five minutes. We'll see how it lasts over time, but it seems sturdy and works well so far. The bag holds a full load of laundry. My 7th grader loves being able to toss her dirty clothes into it, and - while she may never love doing her own laundry - at least this makes it a little more enjoyable.

... the wall of both my girls room and they love it!

I put this on the wall of both my girls room and they love it!. It is a little pricier than the others I've seen, however this is pretty nice and solid piece it took all of 5 mins to put on the wall, I remove the hooks for the door, and put in mini self drilling anchors. I like the metal rim, the board isn't cheap plastic or vinyl, it is sturdy MDF like not too heavy and not at all flimsy. . I hope this helps others not shy away from putting this on the wall! Highly Recommend.

Jersey Mom
Slam dunk!!

This hamper is awesome! I gave it to my 9 yr old daughter for her birthday to curb the dirty laundry collecting on her bedroom floor. It works like a charm-she lives the opportunity to take a shot at the hoop with her dirty clothes! Not only is it sturdy. super easy to assemble and solves the messy room problem, it looks great and is perfect for any basketball fan!

It actually works!

There have been times when I could not open the door to my boy's room because there were so many dirty clothes, towels, etc. on the floor. He actually throws the stuff through the hoop now and it is in one place, the clothes hamper it should be in! Of course, there's occasionally a tennis ball in there too, but at least I don't have to walk around picking up smelly, dirty gym clothes off the floor. Now I can run my Roomba in there, too, without it sucking up dirty socks. Good gift for elementary-high school kids.

Basketball Over the door hamper

STURDY!! They have these in remade models all over but I look for quality. I have 5 kids and three of them boys. Cheap toys/items don't last long in my house. This clothes basket is great quality. I am so happy and so is my 6 yr old! My 10& 11 yr boys now want one! My 6yr old loves shooting his clothes in his new hamper. This holds a lot of clothes. Just as much as a large basket. No hassle. This is an over the door unit but isn't tacky. This is made of wood and metal and a heavy duty "net" (which is not made of net, just to be clear)
I was looking for one like my brother had when we where young for my son and this exceeds my expectations!
Great gift for boys 4 and up! Great quality, great buy!