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Touching Control Rose Crystal Lamp

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Gently tap under the lampshade to turn it on/off or adjust the brightness: first tap - low brightness, second tap - medium brightness, third tap - high brightness, fourth tap - OFF.
Touching Control Rose Crystal Lamp
With beautifully cut crystals, the stunning table lamp will add a touch of glamour to any room in your house. Also suitable for a corridor, closet, hotel, dining room, study room, office, art display, etc.
Relax and unwind in the warm glow of this new concept luxury table lamp. Use it as a bedside table lamp to soothe you to sleep, or add some romance to the living room
Touching Control Rose Crystal Lamp
Using special 3D technology, this elegant table lamp gives off 3D clear lines and smooth lines with a diamond-like effect. The refraction of the light through the crystal lamp is bright and colorful, very stylish.
The table lamp also features 3 light color temperatures that are intimate and convenient, delicate, comfortable and natural, and soft
🎁It's a perfect gift for your friends&familly!
Height 8.8 inches and 3.5 inches diameter
Material: PC
Ideal For Modern Décor Choices
Three color Touch To Switch Change
USB Charging Design
We recommend using the 5V 1A charger instead of a fast charger (IPHONE CHARGER)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great Bedtime Lamp

Wife and I watch TV in bed, but she always like some extra light when it's dark and watching TV. this has a nice adjustable brightness and long lasting battery, can charge it and use it for multiple nights. Best part is the remote, can turn it off from across the room and go to bed.

Nicole Stelley
Completely worth your money

I bought this for my boyfriend's mom for Christmas. She absolutely LOVES it. She says it is perfect for her bedroom. I loved it so much when I was charging it for her, I bought one for myself. It has multiple color settings to fit whatever mood you're in. It is literally exactly as described including the video. It is the perfect brightness and just beautiful. This will probably be my go to gift from now on.

kathy morris
Really Beautiful Light

This light gets used every single day and is moved from room to room because it’s so beautiful and calming! It changes colors or can be set to stay on a single color and the pattern it shines onto the table it sits on looks like a pretty flower. I love it very much. Was worth every penny. Would be a great gift for someone.

Ashley Y
So Calming!

I love that this comes with a remote and allows you to fade the colors. I have this in my office and when I turn off the harsh lights I turn on my desk lamp and this lamp and it is so calming. I get so many compliments when people come in and they love how the bottom makes it look like a flower! This is one of my favorite purchases.


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