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Warm Desk Pad

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Product Material: Warm desk pad made with high-quality PVC Materials and rubber back, edge stitched, waterproof, pad size: 24*14 inch/31*13 inch.
Comply with U.S. safety certification: Warm desk pad meets FCC UL Certified, features 3 gear order heat settings, 55 Celsius high, 45 Celsius middle, and 35 Celsius low settings, to warm your winter.
FUNCTION: Multi-functional, as a desk pad, can be used as a mouse pad, and also a foot warmer pad.
ATTENTION: making your body warm in the winter, but some details have to pay attention: don't put anything easy to be litten or easy to be damaged by hot temperatures such as laptop, battery and so on. or some other device which will be affected on the function(contained some keyboard), or other things which can not accept high temperature for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
K S Hagen
Loved it so much I bought a second one

I hate working with cold hands. Ive got two offices now, and one of them is in a cooler location. Bought one of these to help keep my hands warm there, and I liked it so well that I bought one for my other office as well.

Holly C.
Great product!

Heats up quickly. Has 3 heat settings. Orange is high, green is medium, blue is low. Super easy to install. I work in radiology and the department is always cold. I use it almost every day and I love it!

Jeff Martin
Hands now stay warm

This is the product that I didn't know I needed. Now I can't live without it. During winter in Colorado, even though the inside air temp is 69 degrees, my hands were often cold because of nearby windows. Even with high quality windows, when it gets below freezing the air near windows is colder. I tried heated mice, gloves without fingertips, and others. None worked. This mat keep my hands warm. I use the lowest setting, and that's enough to keep hands warm. This is nice and low profile, and big enough to fit under both my full sized keyboard and mouse.

Kimberly Trimberger
No more cold hands

My desktop is granite so this is perfect for cold winter days!!

Aaron P.
Works great as a foot warmer

I use this as a foot warmer in the winter. The highest setting is too hot! It gets so hot part of my dog bed was over one corner of it and it melted the rubber antiskid part off the bottom of the bed. I dont care because it goes under the desk where it isn't seen but just a heads up. Would buy again for sure.