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Water Resistance Garage Wall Protector GWP01

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Best Protection by DOUBLE Thickness - 1/4" thickness surface provides heavy protection for your car door and garage wall to prevent damage caused by any heavy impacts. It is greater or equal to twice the thickness of another brand of garage wall protectors.
√Top Grade & Eco-Friendly Material - The protectors are made of EVA material, which has RoHS authentication. It is a totally environmentally friendly material. Let us go Green!!
Full Protection & Suitable for Types of Walls - Scratch-resistant soft foam strip for garages. Each strip size is 79"x 8"x 1/4". And also the strip can be cut into multi pieces or different shapes, which fits any type of wall.
Exquisite Surface Design - Details make all the difference. This garage car door protector has been applied with the most exquisite design in the world. Any water drop or water flushing be resisted by special textures and grooves. It is also very easy to be cleaned.
Double Protection by Dual Strip Pack - A set of two garage wall strips ensures both sides of car doors and garage walls will be fully protected.

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use

These were easy to cut with a utility knife. The adhesive is super strong, so make sure you have them lined up where you want them before sticking them in place, else you'll have a tough time relocating them.

Actually, I used them on my garage wall (which is drywall), but first mounted them to a thin piece of plexiglass and then screwed the plexiglass to the wall. Makes them easily removable so I can relocate them if needed and not mess up my wall.

Time will tell how long they'll work out but are serving the purpose for now.

W. Davies
Great product - why has no-one thought of this before?!???

Still amazes me how quickly Amazon stuff turns up. Anyway, this arrived yesterday and as it's self-adhesive I didn't have to faff around with screws or glue, and just cut the strip to the lengths I needed, and stuck them on - took about five minutes. The instructions say clean the surface etc, I guess that depends what type they are, but my garage is hardwood, and not covered in oil, so it stuck it right on. I bought this because my daughter (who is young) has a habit of opening the car door herself and onto the wooden wall. Even though it's wood the edge of the door still scratches when hit, so this is definitely going to save me stress. I had previously put some laminate underlay boards up to try and do the same thing, but it crumbles and to be honest, looked rubbish. This doesn't look out of place and smartens my garage up, weirdly.

Anyway, waffle over. Great product - why has no-one thought of this before?!??? Thanks!

Donald D. Miller
I bought the 1/4 inch thick protector. Just parked ...

I bought the 1/4 inch thick protector. Just parked the car where I normally have it, opened both drivers side doors to see where they would make contact with the wall. Used that as my center for the pads. Measured to the length needed. Used a laser level to maintain a straight line. Wiped down the painted wall where the pads were going to be attached, started peeling back about six inches of the backing film, and slowly went along my laser line, pressing down the pad, while peeling more of the backing as I went.

Super impressed

I am super impressed. I purchased this so I wouldn't hit my car door on the brick fireplace in our small garage. I was very skeptical at how well it would stick and how good the padding would be, but it works great.

I ended up only using 1 of the rolls, but I cut it into 3rds and stacked it so it would cover more of the door's length.

Protects garage wall from trash cans, cars and more.

Our garage wall was getting dinged every time we returned the garbage cans. Fortunately, these stiff foam wall protectors were super easy to install. Just peel, align and adhere. They are not readjustable and will take the paint off if you dont plan ahead, so be sure to measure and draw a straight line or use your iPhone level for perfect positioning. Very thick, sturdy and long enough for the trash can even stop a heavy car door.